A·T Kelly Design offers 3 kinds of services:


Offered to clients in Miami, FL.  Full service takes place in 2 phases: design and implementation. In the design phase, Alejandra presents furniture and lighting layouts, wall, ceiling, floor, window treatments, art and accessories. During the implementation phase, she takes care of purchasing, coordinating, and installing all items. Projects range from a room to an entire home, for a variety of clients with a range of budgets. Clients meet with Alejandra throughout the process and together create unique spaces that are beautiful, affordable, and ideal for their lifestyle.


Professional interior design via the internet for a low flat fee!  Alejandra will personally custom-design any space in your home, no matter where you live (U.S. or abroad), and all you have to do is buy and install the pieces already selected for you.  Perfect for clients who want a professional “eye” in decorating their home, but want to buy and install everything themselves.  In just a few weeks, you will receive a package with all you need to go online and buy your new furniture, window coverings, rugs, lighting, etc.  E-Decorating pricing starts at $300.  For more information please contact us.


ATKD also offers consultations to clients in Miami, FL.  Alejandra will meet with the client in their home to discuss any decorating issues they may have.  She will suggest items to purchase, where to purchase them, select paint colors, provide sizing and finish recommendations for furniture, and anything else the client may need.